Rectangular bearings EZ-0072

Our EZ-0072 bearing pads are standard rectangular air bearings with high load capacity and low air consumption. Due to their narrow contour, they have an advantage over standard bearings when it comes to making optimum use of small installation spaces. Like our standard bearings, this bearing type is optimized for high stiffness and good damping; the bearing pads move on an air film of 3 to 7 µm. Unlike porous air bearings, this type of bearing is supplied with compressed air via a nozzle. Optimum characteristic curves are achieved by specifically tuning the parameters of nozzle diameter, channel structure, channel depth and bearing contour. Our special emergency running layer makes the bearing elements robust and durable. Pressure screws with ball head allow uncomplicated mounting and precise adjustment. Standard sizes range from outer diameter 20×40 to 75×150 mm, other sizes are available upon request.

Rectangular bearings EZ-0072


DesignationDiameterNominal load capacity 1)Static stiffness 2)Air consumptionIdent no.:Pressure ScrewDatasheetSTEP
EZ-0072-20x4020 x 40 mm200 N45 N/µm0.6 Sl/min
EZ-0149/EZ-0150 M10x1-R3
EZ-0072-30x6030 x 60 mm455 N92 N/µm0.7 Sl/min
EZ-0149/EZ-0150 M12x1-R5
EZ-0072-40x8040 x 80 mm910 N150 N/µm1.4 Sl/min
EZ-0149/EZ-0150 M12x1-R5
EZ-0072-50x10050 x 100 mm1,430 N230 N/µm1.4 Sl/min
EZ-0149/EZ-0150 M16x1-R8
EZ-0072-60x12060 x 120 mm2,200 N250 N/µm3.1 Sl/min
EZ-0149/EZ-0150 M24x1,5-R11
EZ-0072-75x15075 x 150 mm3,220 N500 N/µm1.6 Sl/min
EZ-0149/EZ-0150 M24x1,5-R11

1) at supply pressure 5 bar
2) at nominal load

Fittings are not included in the scope of delivery.

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