Clean room bearings EZ-0300

The EZ-0300 bearing pads have an integrated particle extraction system. Very small particles, such as swirled-up dust from the pores of microporous hard stone slabs, can be sucked off the running surface directly during operation. Due to the low compressed air requirement, our EZ-0300 clean room bearings are also suitable for use in vacuum chambers. The continuous supply of compressed air and vacuum is necessary for operation. Our special emergency running layer makes the bearing elements robust and durable. The connection is made via a spherical cap connection; matching pressure screws allow uncomplicated mounting and precise adjustment. The standard sizes range from outer diameter 100 to 360 mm. We can offer you other bearings with integrated suction, differing in size and design, on request. We will be happy to clarify specific issues with you in dialog.
Clean room bearings EZ-0300


DesignationDiameterNominal load capacity 1)Static stiffness 2)Air consumptionIdent no.:Pressure ScrewDatasheetSTEP
EZ-0300-100100 mm1,140 N109 N/µm5.8 Sl/min
EZ-0249 M24x1,5 R14
EZ-0300-120120 mm1,820 N170 N/µm6.7 Sl/min
EZ-0249 M24x1,5-R14
EZ-0300-150150 mm3,010 N276 N/µm6.9 Sl/min
EZ-0249 M36x1,5-R22
EZ-0300-170170 mm3,950 N362 N/µm7.0 Sl/min
EZ-0249 M36x1,5-R22
EZ-0300-210210 mm3,950 N362 N/µm7.0 Sl/min
EZ-0249 M36x1,5-R22
EZ-0300-260260 mm10,800 N900 N/µm10.0 Sl/min
EZ-0249 M48x1,5-R30
EZ-0300-310310 mm16,400 N1,290 N/µm12.1 Sl/min
EZ-0249 M72x2,0-R50
EZ-0300-360360 mm22,400 N1,730 N/µm12.3 Sl/min
EZ-0249 M72x2,0-R50

1) at supply pressure 5 bar
2) at nominal load

Fittings are not included in the scope of delivery.

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